• In the era of Agile methodologies, quality assurance services focus on working in coordination between QA and Dev Teams to build a quality product. It becomes very important for all the members of QA or Dev team to sync with each other regularly for planning and task allocations. Daily standup meetings or daily scrum meetings are short meetings held at the same time regularly to discuss the tasks to be performed on that particular day. These meetings are restricted from 10-15 minutes and move towards the updates and planning for individual’s tasks.

    In case, someone brings up an issue in standup meeting then the issue is added to the action items and later on few people from the group meet separately to address the issue.

    Benefits of daily standup meeting: -

    • Good sync between the team members regarding task updates
    • Increased progress visibility and understanding of goals
    • Organized team
    • Individual’s achievements and road blockers are handled appropriately
    • Increased knowledge sharing by better understanding of modules

    Do’s and Don’ts of standup:

    • Should be organized in open space so that everyone can stand
    • Meeting should be short and meaningful
    • Updates should be provided in brief
    • Strictly follow the meeting schedule
    • Accomplishments, To do’s and roadblocks should be only discussed
    • Limited members should be added to one group in order to complete the meeting on time
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