• In quality assurance services, below are the agile quality strategies:

    1. a) Refactoring: It is a planned way to restructure the code for improving its quality. The motive behind this is to improve the design by making small changes in code. Refactoring makes the code easy to understand and easy to modify.
    2. b) Non-Solo development: It follows XP's pair programming or Agile Modeling. In this, two or more members work together on single activity. With pair programming, members sit together a common or single workstation and divide the activities like writing the code, providing ideas to ensure  that they are following development conventions and quality practices.
    3. c) Static and Dynamic Code Analysis: Static code analysis improves the project visibility by providing quality assessment of code. Static code analysis tools check for issues/defects in code and problem like security issues. However, dynamic code analysis is more complicated which examines code for problems.
    4. d) Reviews and Inspections: In this strategy, artifacts are examined by a group of your peers. The main idea behind this is to make sure that the artifact satisfy the user demands and it is of sufficient quality.
    5. e) Iteration/Sprint: A common practice to find working solution for problems at end of each iteration/sprint. The goal is to showcase the progress to key stakeholders and collect feedback from them.
    6. f) Feedback Cycles: It is an important quality strategy to reduce the feedback cycles between collecting information and validating the same.
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