Android Automation Tool

Hello Passionate QAs, 

I am in the initial phase of analyzing Android Automation Tools. 

As I went through the tools like Monkey, Robotium, Monkey Runner etc., I understand that every tool is meant for a specific purpose. But every tool has a limitation.  

Any one has gone through a tool/ framework that has all solutions in one ? 

Please share your knowledge. 

The More we Share , the More we Get. 



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  • Testdroid from See Test is good one and it doesn't require source code.

    You can record and play test by using Apk but its paid, Free only for limited period.



  • u can try monkey runner . Its pretty good one .

    Every thing has its own limitation , but if u try monkey runner u can have solutions of many things .

    Try different case and apply new conditions for better results.

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