• Thanks Malay

    Thanks Divya

    ..........very much important comment and interesting too.

  • Hi,

    Just purchase 1 device with very lower configuration for testing like low RAM size, Low processor speed etc.

    And purchase second device with medium configuration.

    And last one you can purchase with Higher configuration. So you can perform most of the application with different type of device conditions.

  • Good topic,

    I faced some problems on HTC devices. 

    But choose the devices which is famous rather than which will give more errors :).

    and most of the customer will be having high end devices :)

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Thanks Ruma and every one.

    Finally i decided to go with Sony Xperia MiroHTC One V (Jupitor Rock) & LG Optimus L7 P705.

       Google Nexus, Moto DFY+ and Samsung  Galaxy I already have.

  • You should have one HTC device as well. I had some issues regarding caching  on HTC devices which were not happening on Samsung Devices.

  • Thank Sanjay ji. and every one.

  • better go for 4.0 devices with diff make like LG,samsung,Motorola

  • Motorola Milestone, Samsung galaxy S, HTC EVO

  • Thanks Arun.

  • HTC Sensation, Desire, Wildfire,Magic.

    Sony Ericsson Xperia ,Sony x10 mini, google nexus, Toshiba tablet -- best for android handset testing... :)

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