• API and Web service: Both of the API and Web Services are the aspects of the data transfer mechanism which needs a robust testing and therefore, it is highly used in the companies which provides Software testing services.

    API: Application Programming Interface is a software interface which allows two different applications to interact with each other without the help of any user.

    Web service: A Web service is a cluster of the protocols and standards which is widely used for interchanging data between the applications or systems.

    Following are the major differences between API and Web services:

    • A web service is required for XML-RPC, SOAP and REST  for communication, whereas, Application programming interface is required for different style of communication.
    • A web service only supports the HTTP protocol, however, Application programming interface supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
    • A web service only supports the XML whereas the Application programming interface supports both, JSON and XML.
    • Every single web service is API, however all of the APIs are not the web services.
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