• There are many free templates that are designed to showcase the API in a better and presentable manner. Good documentation is most important in software qa company so start with a good foundation . API resources are simple, clean, easy to use and will make API users happy. For a software qa company, below are few of the most used templates:

    1. Slate – helps to create beautiful API documentation, uses Markdown and Ruby

    2. apiDoc – inline documentation for RESTful web APIs that is created from API annotations in the source code. The theme is 2 columns

    3. FlatDoc – makes writing documentation easy. There is a small JavaScript file that fetches Markdown files and renders them as full pages. one can create documentation from Readme files.

    4. Webservice API Specification Doc Template is a easy, simple and clean API doc template that is built as a Google Doc page.

    5. API Blueprint gives awesome tools for whole API lifecycle and can generate documentation automatically such as Snowboard

    6. Swagger – simple and powerful interface to the API for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services.

    7. Calamum- it generates REST API documentation from a JSON file. It has 2 templates, a twitter template and a bootstrap template.

    8. miredot - it is a REST API documentation generator for Java.

    9. RAML – simple way of describing RESTful APIs. It’s built on standards such as YAML and JSON and has many tools, one of which is RAML to HTML which output documentation based on RAML files.

    10. RestDoc is a PHP script to generate REST documentation from YAML files.

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