• In any Software testing company, following phases are included in Automation testing Life Cycle
    1. Discovering the extent Of Test Automation:

    The scope/extent has to be determined in the first phase of automation. Each aspect needs to be taken care of in order to analyze the feasibility. Following things can be taken care of during this phase:

    • Segregate the unit of the applications which can/cannot be automated.
    • How to automate these test cases?
    • Costing, team size, and proficiency should also be considered.

    2. Determining the appropriate Automation Tool:

    Selecting the appropriate automation testing tool is an important phase for an automation test life cycle since testing mainly depends on the automation tool. Following things should be kept in mind while selecting the automation tool:

    • Budget
    • Technologies getting used in the project
    • Resources should be well versed with the tool to be chosen.

    3. Test Planning, Designing, and Strategy:
    The most critical phase of automation testing life cycle methodology which defines how to proceed and achieve the goal of test automation. During the test planning phase, the QA team determine the test procedure creation standards and directions, software , hardware and network to support the test environment, an initial test schedule, test data prerequisites, defect tracking procedure and associated tracking tool. Following things should be considered while planning a testing strategy:

    • Accumulate all manual test cases from the test management tool to identify which test case needs to be automated.
    • Identify the framework which can be used.
    • Create a test suite for the Automation test case in the test management tool.
    • Ensure to mention the risk, background, and dependency between the tool and application in the test plan.
    • Get approval on the test strategy from the client.

    4. Establishing the Test Environment:

    This stage involves setting up a machine or remote machine where all of the test cases will be executed. Environment setup phase needs detailed planning and we need to ensure that we are able to maximize our test coverage as many different scenarios as possible.
    It is the responsibility of the test team to schedule and track environment setup activities; install test environment software, network resources, and hardware; refine test databases, and develop testbed scripts and environment setup scripts.

    5. Automation Test Script Execution:
    After installing the test environment, there comes to execute the test script. In order to perform script execution, signed-off and unit-tested test scripts are delivered to the automation testing team. We need to ensure that all test scripts are running successfully. Once the test script is built, it should be executed by keeping the following things in mind:

    • A test script must include all of the functional aspects according to the test case.
    • Make sure to run the test scripts in multiple environments and multiple platforms.
    • It will be great if batch execution can be done in order to save time and effort.
    • If there is any failure due to some functionality, log a bug.

    6. Analysis of Test Results & Test Reports:

    Once the entire testing is performed, the QA team analyzes to identify specific functionality or components that experience a relative number of problems reported. The result of the analysis suggests whether it requires more test efforts or not. This is the final phase of the automation testing life cycle in any QA company and the test reports are shared with the client/stakeholders at this stage.

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