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  • The software testing services follow the best practices to ensure the quality of testing performed on their software. Below are few QA best practices:


    • Software requirement analysis and test cases creation is initial step once the requirements are finally approved.
    • Risk based strategies should be prepared to analyze the impact of merging new feature on the application.
    • The objective of testing to be performed should be clarified to the QA Team.
    • The regression suite need to be prepared to ensure that the already existing features of the application are not impacted.
    • Review of the testing strategies should be performed continually to guarantee the quality status and improvements. .
    • Performance test suite should be prepared which need to be executed before the release.
    • Negative and Positive test scenarios should be covered on the application in which new feature is merged.
    • Report of all the defects and covered tests should be prepared.
    • Keep updating the status of product to the stakeholders and product management at right time by generating proper reports.
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