• Block chain is a shared and continually reconciled database. The block chain database is not stored at single location means records are public and are easily verifiable where millions of users post data simultaneously.

    Concept of Block chain technology:
    The concept of Block chain is based on technology such that a spreadsheet is duplicated thousand times across a network of computers. This network is design to update the spreadsheet regularly where data is not stored at single location but shared among multiple locations.

    In this, the network checks in the data base itself every X seconds/minutes. A network of different nodes make a block chain. Every node has full copy of ledger and join the network voluntarily. Each node also verify the transactions and have chance to invest in crypto currencies (like Bitcoin) used by the network. Here, each transfer refers to a block.
    Below are the areas where technology is growing at quick pace:
    1. Overcome the traditional Commerce method.
    2. Stock market trade became instantaneous.
    3. Money transfers occur without third party entity.

    Scope of Block chain Testing:

    Types of testing that can performed on Block chain based applications:
    1. Functional Testing:
    The basic testing of components and systems in terms of functional testing. 
    2. Integration Testing:
    The testing of interfaces between components and different parts of system.
    3. Security Testing:
    The most important type of testing in block chain based applications. This is related to check the security of financial, government and regulatory environments in mobile app security testing.
    For Example: Master card is using block chain technology to send, receive and exchange the money without central authority.
    4. Performance Testing:
    Another important type of testing. Mostly, the performance and latency of application varies with network and size of transactions.
    5. Audit of application:
    Real time auditing of transactions in order to make sure that no manual errors occurred and no manipulations are made in data base.

    Testing Tools used for Block Chain Testing:

    1. Ethereum (best known so far)
    2. Truffle
    3. Ganache
    4. Populus
    5. Manticore
    6. Hyperledger Composer
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