• In software testing outsourcing company, the Cache API is a system for storing and retrieving network requests and their responses. The Cache API is created to enable service workers to cache network requests so that fast responses can be provided, regardless of network speed or availability With caching, the number of calls made to endpoint is reduced and also the latency of requests to API is improved Once caching is enabled, instead of making a request to the endpoint, the API Gateway caches responses from endpoint for a specified time-to-live (TTL) period, in seconds and then as per the endpoint response from cache, respond to the request.

    There are several mechanisms in software testing outsourcing company for managing caching, two of them are ETag and Last-Modified:
    1. ETag. This HTTP header contains a hash or checksum that can be used to compare the content whether it has changed or not. Considering browser caching, the browser makes a request that says “hey, only give me new content if it’s changed.” The server-side uses the ETag to determine if it has and if not, then sends back an empty HTTP 304 response.
    2. Last-Modified. This is almost the same thing as an ETag but with timestamps instead. It specifies if content has been modified since a specific date. This saves on bandwidth and transfer times and can improve performance.

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