• Implementing RPA in organizations could digitize the resources using machine intelligence, managing social media and will also resolve the mobile technology issues. Sadly, it is not so easy to implement RPA functions in software testing solutions.. There are handful of challenges that go along with implementation. Few of them are listed as below:

    1.    Shortage of skilled resources:
    Market requirements are boomed in last few years for RPA technologies but yet much  resources have not gained expertise at RPA which is one of the biggest threat to success of related projects. Along with this, it take time to build centralized infrastructure to expedite the processes.

    2.    Incomplete automation of test cases:
    In RPA, a sound knowledge of machine learning algorithms and OCR engines are required.
    It is also tough to automate all the steps using RPA tools.

    3.    Lack of assistance from Business:
    RPA projects face challenges in getting comprehensive process design document and with the execution of bots.

    4.    Acceptability:
    The implementation of automated bots create a negative impression among the members of organization as it sparks a fear of losing jobs among them.

    5.    Correct identification of area to automate:
    It is crucial to identify the area where use cases need to be automate in order to get good ROI to get more growth in business. Complex process of identification of automation required area is crucial.

    6.    Not Economical:
    Implementation of RPA improve the processes but is a quite expensive process. The process takes redesigning, training employees to run RPA, which cost money and maintenance too.

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