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    Validating and verifying the adoption of Blockchain technology comes with a number of inherent challenges because there is a significant change in the technology itself. 

    • Lack of Best Practices
    • Lack of Blockchain Testing Tools
    • Lack of Standardization in Blockchain Testing
    • Sub-optimal Test Strategy
    • Transactions are Irreversible
    • Consistency/Availability
    • Performance and Load
    • Security testing

    These are the challenges.

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  • Block chain is a technology, which enables the digital coins/assets moving from one individual to another through a chain of transactions.

    Below are the challenges faced in testing of Block Chain application:

    1. Lack of Technical Knowledge:
      This is new concept and getting popularity with time.
      Yet, Technology is not properly documented. Whereas, detailed knowledge is not accessible to investors/testers for queries and solutions.
    2. Less Expertise/Certified Resources:
      The technology is expending at a quick pace but number of expert resources posing the domain knowledge/certified about technology are less in count.
    3. Scalability:
      Applications are working on ‘Distributed Ledger Technology’ where the speed of processing the transaction get limited as it is processing at every node.
    4. Less Privacy:
      Still, there is a scope to fetch the information about user identity through transaction pattern, even though user identities are kept anonyms in application.
    5. Security Concerns:
      There is a huge risk of security and manipulation in data as large number of people are involved in it Though, it is a secure platform, where the transactions are visible and accessible to users only but still everyone cannot stay honest. Thus, large number of security threats in testing the applications.
    6. Complexity:
      This is not an easy concept to understand as lots of mathematical calculations are involved. Thus, it make the block chain industry bit complicated. Thus, it is not easy to comprehend from testing point of view too.
    7. Increased Transaction cost:
      Transaction cost start increasing as the network grows. Thus, it is a costly system to afford.

    8. Initial set up is costly:
      In house development and testing of block chain based application is expensive due to lack of expert resources. In addition, it involves huge consumption of energy to solve computations via logarithms to verify and process the transactions.
    9. Less Public awareness:It is long way that people will come to know about usage, features and benefits of block chain technology.

    Despite of such challenges, block chain based applications are growing and software testing solutions of such application is coming to trend. Thus, Block chain technology has highly bright and expect-able future.

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