• Cloud security consists of rules, policies, procedure, and laws, which protects a cloud system, its data, and infrastructure.

    It is a subdomain of network security. In cloud computing, a user is saving, storing and processing the data over the internet/cloud and utilizing it as third party service.

    If we talk in terms of the security of cloud computing, two perspectives are there. These are:

    1. Security concerns faced by service providers: Keep the infrastructure secure and safe, customer data and application is protected, backup plans are implemented in case of any disaster, employees are well trained for security concerns to data.

    2. Security concerns faced by customers: Strong password protection is implemented in the application and data leakage is check under stress and performance parameters.

    There are different ways to provide security to cloud data. These are:

    1. Infrastructure Security: It involves to train the employees working on servers, firewalls and database systems for not misusing any data, maintain protection against unauthorized access, theft, fires and also construction and maintenance of servers of the cloud application.

    2. Penetration Testing: It involves the practice where the system is to find security against the attacker/hacker, who is looking to exploit the system. It helps in identifying the internal/external threats to the system.

    3. Encryption: This involves protecting data from unauthorized access and corruption over the cloud. User data confidentially plays a significant role in it. Only an authorized user can access the data. Encryption algorithms applied well over data to increase the protection of data. In this method, encoded information traveling over the cloud and can be accessed or De-crypted only by an authorized user who is having the correct encryption key.

    4. Data Recovery: Cloud backup is a service where data on a business server is back up and stored on the remote server. Back up of cloud is keeping files and data available in the case any of a system failure occurs, or natural disaster takes place.

    Cloud data security is also conducted by software testing company and results are analyzed on the behalf of relevant parameters. 

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