• In Codeless Automation testing, a user records the manual tests using the tool which records the actions click by click, the tool creates the automated script itself and playback it. The user can also edit test scripts as per requirement. This creates a structural test workflow, which is used to run tests. This approach is famous for codeless automation for web-based applications which is followed in any software testing company. The objective is to make the setup so that automating a scenario is taking less amount of time and requires less coding efforts.

    For languages like Java, JavaScript, Python the coding engineers require coding skills set. The major advantage of codeless automation is that it is easy to learn and run. However, coding skills are required to inspect your test result when they fail and to troubleshoot the failures. Like coded automated strategy, engines like Selenium IDE are used to locate the identifiers and try to find multiple locators for a respective object, to make sure that change in one locator is not causing any failure.

    There are many tools already in the market that available to carry out codeless automation. However, Codeless does not mean that no code is required to run the script. Well, more correct sentence would be that codeless automation needs less knowledge to write a code for the script. Here, in the background, the tools are providing one more abstraction layer, which is converting the actions and procedures/steps to test the scenario, in turn, is driving test automation. It is easy and manageable to work on the abstraction layer, as this is user-friendly and having graphical interfaces. Therefore, without spending much effort and knowledge to write the script code, functionality can be automated.

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