• Codeless automation testing: It is an approach where testing is conduct without scripting or coding in any programming/scripting language. It involves a structured model where functional testers create the reusable automated scripts.
    However, it is name as ‘Codeless/Script less Automation’, does not mean it to be 100% code free task.
    Few test cases still need knowledge and usage of coding concepts while automating them.

    Importance of Codeless automation testing:

    These days, in Agile or DevOps testing and software development process, where sprint cycles are releasing more frequently and fast releases of new features are involved, it is leading to more execution of regression cycles for application.
    The scenarios are demanding the increase in automation testing and software engineers in the testing process. The concept of codeless automation testing has introduced the idea to move the existing manual teams to automation tasks. The reasons for keeping the existing team members is that they are having domain knowledge, organizational experience, product knowledge, and customer and business knowledge.

    Below are the two approaches to Codeless automation tests:
    1. Record the manual tests and play them back.
    This is in use for web-based application testing where tools record the actions with every click and tool itself create the script to automate the test itself.
    2. Create a structured test flow design, which is used to run the tests.


    How Codeless automation tool works:
    Codeless automation tools are used as wrappers for open-source automation tools like Selenium WebDriver.
    The tool fetches the identifier like Id, Name, CSS, XPath, LinkText for the object, which the user takes for creating the 
    test step and the action to be taken on that particular identifier.
    Therefore, the user identified the objects and add actions on UI, but code is automatically developed in the background.

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