• Cookies are little piece of information, sent by web server, to store on web browser so that browser remembers some specific personal information. They are used to track where the user navigated throughout the website pages. It can lead to security issues if a Hacker gets hold of the cookie information. Path, where cookies are saved, may vary on different browsers.

    Cookie Content:
    • It contain server name from where cookie was sent
    • Lifetime of the cookie
    • Randomly generated unique number value

    Types of Cookies:
    • Session Cookies − These are temporary and they get erased when user closes the browser. A new cookie for that session is created if the user logs in again.
    • Persistent cookies − These cookies remain on the hard disk drive unless they expire or user cleans them.
    Testing Cookies:
    We can test the cookies by following below ways:
    • Disabling Cookies − We need to verify whether website is accessible after disabling cookies and check if the pages are working properly. Verify if application is getting crash while navigating to all the pages.
    • Corrupting Cookies − Manually edit site's cookies or corrupt them with fake / invalid data which can be used to access internal information from the domain which in turn can then be used to hack the site.
    • Editing Cookies − Update the user in the cookie or address bar to another valid user and by doing this cookie should not let you log in to a different users account.
    • Access to cookies: Check if the cookies written by one website are not accessible by others.
    Cookies testing is very important for the smooth functioning of the websites. Since it is also related with the security so it becomes very important to perform testing of the websites and cookies. A software testing outsourcing company, which also provides the services of websites testing and cookies testing, can help in its significant testing.

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