• Data driven testing is a strategy in which the data in the test scripts is not hard-coded instead, external data source such as csv file is used from where the data is read by the scripts.

    Data driven testing is performed when we have to run same tests on different sets of data.

    For data driven testing, we need to perform these five basic steps:

    1.      Understand the functionality of the application

    2.      Identify the test cases

    3.      Create test steps for the identified test cases.

    4.      Create scripts to execute the test cases.

    5.      Store the data in external source such as excel/csv.

    As a best practice, use realistic data information and test both negative and positive test scenarios.

    To conclude, data driven is a test automation framework wherein data driven scripts are created as per the application to execute the variable data sets.

    Data driven testing helps an software quality assurance company in decision-making and improving business intelligence by running the automated tests rapidly on the application.

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