• In most of the outsource QA testing¬†company, java is commonly used and JDBC driver is an interface which enables a Java application to interact with the database. In order to connect with individual databases, JDBC needs drivers for each of the database. The JDBC driver carries out the connection in the database and administers the protocol for conducting the queries and outputs between the client and the databases.

    In order to connect any java application with the database using JDBC, the below 5 steps need to be followed:

    1. Registering the Driver class
    2. Creating connection
    3. Creating statement
    4. Executing queries
    5. Closing connection
    • Register the driver class: The forName() method of Class is required to register the driver class. This method dynamically loads the driver class.
    • Create the connection object: The getConnection() method of DriverManager class is required to create a connection with the database.
    • Create the Statement object: The createStatement() method of the Connection interface is required to create the statement. The object of a statement is accountable to execute the queries with the database.
    • Execute the query: The executeQuery() method of a Statement interface is required to execute the queries in the database. This is the method to returns the object of ResultSet which can be used to get all of the records of a table.
    • Close the connection object: On closing the connection object statement, ResultSet will be closed automatically. The close() method of a Connection interface is required to close the connection.
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