Database Testing

Hi All,

I have a question about database testing.In my current company we used to check CRUD functionality. We used to write simple queries to view the updated data or inserted data etc.

We never test anything related to trigger, procedure and index.

So can I say that I am performing database testing and apply for database tester positions?

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  • Hi,

    In our company we are performing database testing involving the testing of database triggers and logical views which are going to support database refactoring. It performs module testing of database functions, triggers, views, SQL queries etc. It validates database tables, data models, database schema etc. It checks rules of Referential integrity.

    In your case , you are checking CRUD functionality it means you are in starting phase of the database testing.



    • Hi,

      Yes , you are right. Got a good info.

      Thanks ..

  • Hi,

    I think the work what you have done is 10-15 % of database testing and by this you cant say you are a database tester. But you can work on small database projects which has less requirements.

    • Hi Rajesh,

      Thank you..

      You are correct. I am in the beginner level for database testing. I am  interested to go far in that field, but issue is, the present company is not providing deep testing  in DB for the testers. And if I try outside, people are not calling since I don't have deep knowledge in DB testing.

      • Hi Pushpita,

        Rajesh is correct. What I suggest although is to attend the interviews where they demand functional+ DB testing. Even if you don't get qualified that's OK. Interviews gives you fair Idea sometimes.

        I had attended one interview for Symantec. Till they asked me mobile app functional and performance testing related questions I was OK. But when they asked me Mobile App Security testing and genral security testing related questions, I had very limited answers for them.  I couldn't crack that interview but then I explored mobile security testing world and I am quiet happy about it.

        • Ya Anurag, you are right. I will definitely take your suggestion next time if I get any chance to attend interview for DB testing position.


  • Hi Pushpita,

    When you are claiming as a database tester, you may be expected to write some complex queries to validate some data in any financial reports or any other reports etc. You may need to have knowledge of triggers , stored procedure etc. 

    The best thing is to check the job description. Sometimes some companies just want knowledge of basic SQL queries. However they may expect that you should have knowledge of all other important concepts in DB like Views, Triggers, Stored Procedures but if you show them indication that though you have not exactly tried such complex queries in your project but if required you can adopt those thing with some basic training, you can still have a chance. The best thing is check the job description and then apply. What I can say finally is in one of the project I was working, we had 600 reports and in that project developers were not quiet happy about QA' were knowing very basic SQL queries. Finally we hired one database testing expert who was able to write complex queries and was able to retrieve and validate the data. Obviously his knowledge is not expected to be like Database Administrator, but yes your knowledge and skills should be reasonably skilled.

    You may say that you are in Beginner level in Database Testing.



    • Hi Anurag,

      Thank you for the neat explanation. Why I asked this question because I am getting some calls where they need both manual and DB testing exp (may be 50-50) i was really confused do they need pure database testers or being a functional tester (with little exp in SQL) I can also manage...

      Now I am quite clear about the things. 

      Anyways.. I didn't attend the particular interview which needed database testing exp after reading the answers here...:)

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