• The presence of an unidentified defect which triggers other defects in an application during the software development life cycle refers to the defect cascading. As a result of this, multiple defects crop up in the later stages of development which further results in the series of unnoticed defects at staging and may postpone timely production delivery until it is fixed. If the master defect is not tracked in the initial stages, there could be more defects which may spread across an application making it difficult to track the unknown defects.

    For instance:
    In an online cab service, the user can be identified by his/her contact number. Users can select the location to book a ride and need to enter all required details manually for autocomplete feature to help users to select the proper location using Google maps. If the integration with the Google map is not done appropriate by the developer to autocomplete the location before releasing the application, and somehow the defect remains unnoticed by the tester, it may lead issues for end users while entering the location thereby making the application obsolete.

    Thus, Software Engineers should design and cover all required use cases and scenarios to ensure that the basic requirements provided by the client are met while testing an application. With the help of web application testing services, one can verify and validate the user interfaces, application and database synchronization and end to end flow of an application by adding his/her own strategies with the help of test plan templates to avoid defect cascading. These services can help in functional testing, usability testing, database testing, regression testing, acceptance testing, stress testing, integration testing and performance testing.

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