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Hi All,

I need to deliver a solution to a client who has asked to test their app on mutiple Android devices. Now i have to show him a solution that a master device can be tested rather than testing all the similar devices .

For that now i would like to know how do we sort based on various devices in the market.

Please let me know on this ASAP.

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  • can any one please tell me how do I select devices if i were to perform a compatibility testing ?

  • They actually claim to be it as an native app. this actually communicates with their own server in their own WiFi network and available on the ios store. Now they have been asking how do we perform compatibility testing on various device.

    Now a cloud based solution is not possible as it will not be able to communicate with their Wi-Fi or for this means any other cloud based solution. So I have proposed to test on real handsets which is actually increasing them with cost.

    I would like to know if we go by devices which can be bought on rent what is the approach I should be following in selecting or choosing devices for compatibility testing.

    I thought that selecting a master device and its child devices is one way where full compat test can be done on the master device and imp functionalities can be checked on the child devices. Is this correct please let me know how we choose devices

  • Hi Sri,

    Can you specify what exactly you need to test? Hybrid app? or Mobile Web App?


    RaviKumar Devatagal

  • Hi,

    Try checking out with Testdroid or KeynoteDeviceanywhere cloud solutions which provide you accessibility to different devices online.



    • I have to do it on real devices, their app has a constraint it cannot be used on cloud. Currently app can be accessed only on restricted wifi.

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