• The call() and apply() are predefined JavaScript methods and both perform very similar functions.

    One very common thing that trips up in a software testing company is knowing when to use call or apply methods.

    The call() is a method with a given value and arguments which is belonging to one object to be assigned and called for another object. It helps you to write a method once and then inherits it in another object, without having to rewrite it for the new object.The apply() is used to write methods, which can be used on different objects. It returns the method values of a given function.

    While the syntax of both the functions is almost identical, the fundamental difference is that call() accepts arguments separately (one-by-one), while apply() accepts arguments as an array.

    Call() runs the function in the context of the first argument, and subsequent arguments are passed into the function to work with. This method becomes apparent when you want to write code that doesn't know the exact number of arguments that the functions required. So that's where apply() comes in - the second argument needs to be an array, which unpacks arguments for the called function. Apply() allows you to use built-in functions for some tasks that have been written by looping over the array values.

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