• GIT is a free and open source distributed version-control system useful to track changes in the source code.
    GIT Pull and GIT Fetch are the most commonly used commands by the GIT users. A GIT user, to keep the local repository updated, will use these commands.

    Difference between GIT Pull and GIT Fetch:
    -The main difference between these commands is that GIT fetch will provide the information about the changes made in the original file after your last pull whereas the GIT Pull command will bring those changes.
    - GIT Fetch will not update your local repository whereas the GIT Pull will update your local repository with changes made in the remote repository.
    - GIT Fetch is used to update your remote tracking branches without making any changes in the working copy. On the other hand, GIT Pull will update your local branch as well as other remote tracking branches.
    - GIT fetch is useful in knowing about any changes available before doing the actual pull.

    With the increase demand in product quality, the concept of DevOps is emerging fast which focuses on merging the code development, quality assurance services and operations in a single streamlined process and GIT is one of the most popular DevOps tool.

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