• Web application testing services are moving more towards Python due to its ease in resolving complex and numeric scientific applications.

    In Python, Lists and Tuples both are data structures in Python. However, both have significant difference.
    List is a group of comma separated values in  square brackets and have similar data types.
    The content in the list are mutable and any change can be performed once after the List Object is created.
    E.g., i= [30, 40, 50, 60]
    It is used if the group of data doesn’t need random access and frequent data modification is required.

    Tuple is a group of Comma Separated Values enclosed in round brackets or parenthesis.

    The contents in the list are immutable and change cannot be performed once after the List Object is created.
    e.g., t = (15, 30, 45, 60)

    t[1]=55 will return the unsupported item assignment as ValueError

    It is combined with dictionary to represent a key and when the data doesn’t require modification.

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