• Web services and API plays an important role since it is in trend in any of the offshore software testing company.
    A web service facilitates an interaction between the two machines over a network, however an API enacts as an interface between the two different applications to communicate with each other

    API: API stands for Application Programming Interface which is a software interface that allows two applications to interact with each other without any user intervention. APIs allow product or service to meet with other products and services without knowing how they are implemented.

    Web service: A Web service is a assembly of open protocols and standards which is commonly used for exchanging the data between systems or applications.
    Software applications are made up using various programming languages and running on different platforms. It allows to use the web services to exchange data over computer networks.

    Few more differences:

    •     Web service is used for SOAP, RESTand XML-RPC for the communication whereas API is used for any style of communication.
    •     Web service supports the HTTP protocol only however API supports the HTTP and HTTPS protocol.
    •     Web service supports the XML whereas API supports the XML and JSON.
    •     All of the Web services are APIs, however all of the APIs are not web services.
    •     In the web service, we need a SOAP protocol to send/receive and data over the network. Accordingly it does not have the light-weight architecture. However  API has the light wight architecture.
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