• Open Source Tools: Open Source tools are free to use tools, which are available in market without involvement of any vendor. These tools can be easily used as per the requirement as the source code is available for free on the internet. There is no software maintenance cost involved and community support is always available.

    Vendor Tools: These tools are developed by companies and are available in market with licenses to use. Vendor tools are readily available and using these tools involves significant cost. These tools are easy to deploy but users do not have full control over the features provided by these tools. Example of vendor tool is QTP tool, which is widely used for functional testing services.

    In-house tools: When an organization is not interested in using vendor tools or open source tools then they develop their own tool, which is known as in-house tool. These tools are not available for public use as they are used and maintained by the company that develops them. There is no technical or community support available for these tools and the engineers working on these tools will have to refer internal documentation.

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