• you can try out with for agile documentation.

    It not only provides documentation needs but also to monitor and various other features of agile techniques to be tracked and documented.

    It is a paid one but if you want to try for single project with team size of 10 it will be free.

  • Thanks Swapna for help.

  • In Agile testing the documentation required is dynamic and depends solely on the need of the project. In my project we use wiki and JIRA - Confluence for documentation so that it is very easily accessible to everyone.

    Now about what to document? You can document the Test Plan, Test Scenarios - cases, Questions asked to client in an FAQs page, Test Data preparation (if required), test report.

    Infact keep all the communications over email or documents as verbal get lost over time and you have no background when needed in future.

    I personally document all this on wiki and keep updating it time to time and this helps me and my team a lot at times. :)

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