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I am sorry if this has already been discussed in another place on this forum.

I wanted to know from the community if they have any insights on domain or space specific testing for mobile apps. What would be the difference in test cases or use cases when testing an Uber app as opposed to a Myntra? In one case the location is most important whereas in the other a good network connection is needed. This becomes very important esp with mobile apps coming to the rescue in practically every field.

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  • I was hoping to get some responses from this community on the query above. Basically, would you find certain use cases different if an app for a ride booking app as compared to a shopping app or a mobile recharge app.

    • Hi Aishwarya,

      All community members seems so busy in their work :) 

      I will come back to topic:

      Your question is very broad but very valid. Now a days even if you offer Mobile Testing services, one question that some of the clients would definitely ask is, if you have tested any similar application.? More soever, any similar mobile app in same domain. And definitely there are some typical use cases associated with every domain. 

      Recently we tested two most popular recharge application in india. and one in Nigeria (I would not take name of the companies though) and even while getting the project, our experience in testing similar app was very crucial. Now let me tell you some of the use cases. You may imagine any of the recharge app in the market:

      • Apart from Normal Mobile Testing, we had to make sure that if the applications are following RBI or country specific guidelines as there is involvement of money , banks , telecom operators and transaction
      • If your app follows all the standards and compliance related to payment systems?
      • How safe is the money of user while using such app?
      • If they are storing CVV, Credit Card numbers? There are strong norms and compliance for this as well and every company must follow all these guidelines.
      • What interesting thing that we found was  all these clients wanted seamless experience across any network that a user may use. That means recharge should be successful let it be 2g, 3g , 4g OR wi-fi and whether it is low end device or high end.
      • Extending more towards use cases, there were many use cases like:

      • What if Payment is successful but Recharge is failed
      • What if user lose network while transaction
      • What if user doesn't receive the cashback
      • What if user don't want to go for cashback if his recharge gets failed but he would like a refund in bank which takes few days.
      • What if you don't receive SMS for one time authentication from Telecom Operators.
      • What if same mobile number but new device
      • New mobile number new device
      • new mobile number same device 
      • What if the plan which is available in your app is now discontinued by telecom operator.

      There are many use cases. The point which I am making is yes domain specific use cases exists and domain plays an important role in success of testing activities apart from your normal mobile testing.

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