• There are mainly three types of error encountered in software testing company or functional testing services:
    1. Syntax error
    2. Logical error
    3. Runtime error

    1. Syntax error: These types of error occur when there are compilation issues in the code in programming language and at interpret time in JavaScript. These errors are also known as Parsing errors.
    Syntax error in below code because of missing opening parenthesis.

    2. Run-time errors: These types of errors occur at the time of execution of code when the compilation is complete. These errors are also known as Exceptions
    Runtime error in below code because the syntax is correct, but during execution it is trying to call a non-existent method.


    3. Logical Errors: These types of errors are the result of mistakes in the implementing the logic, resulting in no result getting displayed. These errors are not syntax or run-time error but they are human created logical errors.
    Example, Logical error in below code because it is technically correct and syntax-wise also correct, but it is logically incorrect. It will give the result as 1212 instead of 24 as it will concatenate the two numbers instead of adding them. The code becomes free from logical error on replacing console.log(add('12','12')) with console.log(add(12,12)) in the last line of code.

    function add(num1, num2){
    return num1+num2;

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