• Agile Development Methodology is a popular technique that follows the iterative approach in which product is delivered in small builds. In this way, scope of improvement gets increased at all stages of development.

    Different Agile Methodologies:

    There are different agile methodologies used in various organizations with a common goal of developing and delivering the product more efficiently and effectively.

    Some of the popular Agile Methodologies are:

    1. Scrum: Scrum is one of the popular agile framework, which follows the iterative approach and delivers the build in every two or three weeks. These continuous iterations are known as Sprints. Sprint is started with a sprint planning meeting in which discussion takes place on backlog items, feedback received and items for the next sprint. Once the items of current sprint are completed, team plans for the next sprint. Scrum process mainly involves three roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master and the development team.
    2. Kanban: In Kanban Agile methodology, Kanban cards are used for the continuous delivery. These cards visualize the tasks that needs to be worked upon by the team and hence increases the transparency of work. Like scrum, Kanban also promotes cross-functional team collaboration. There may or may not be predefined roles in Kanban and unlike Scrum product is built in longer development cycles.
    3. Extreme Programming(XP): Extreme Programming is another popular agile framework, which is very responsive with respect to the changing customer requirements. It also focuses on short development cycles and code is written to build a simple product that caters to all the necessary business requirements. Feedback is taken on regular basis, which results in a better quality product.
    4. Feature-driven development(FDD): Feature-driven development (FDD) is another Agile framework in which product is developed and released in small incremental builds. It is a short iteration process in which product features are the most important factor. It includes following five activities: Develop overall model, Build feature list, Plan by feature, Design by feature and Build by feature.

    In all of the above methods, the main goal is to get the whole team actively engaged with one another and enhancing communication with the customer to get the feedback at regular intervals and thus delivering the best of Development and QA services.

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