• Git, Fork, Branch and Clone are vastly used among version control systems therefore every engineer in the Software testing company should know or become familiar with using it.

    Fork:  Forks are local abstract which helps you making changes in someone else’s codebase. It clone the repository in your profile in such a way that it is linked and changes made to the fork can be compared or merged with the original repository over time.

    Branch: A branch is a  modified section of code which meets the different objectives. Branches have the same origin however they are not the copies of each other.

    Clone: A clone is a replica of all the code on the master branch. It is exactly a replica of a code in the github.

    Forking is done on the GitHub Account however Cloning is done using Git. When we fork a repository, we create a copy of the original repository (upstream repository) however the repository remains on our GitHub account. A branch of a GitHub repository can be local to our PC or remote in GitHub. If we want to work on a specific feature in the repository, we branch it out separately, work on that branch and then do the commit on GitHub.   


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