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Whenever an app has to be submitted across various app stores for iPhone, BB, Android, Windows mobile, Nokia ovi store, the corresponding app has to be comply with the guidelines as imposed by the app stores. (these guidlines are ir-respective of functioanlity of the app)

Am in the process of collating all the guidelines of all app stores, please do share across to

thanks in advance...

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  • Hi,

    In addition there are couple of docs attached source from apple. These are the guidelines for app review and App Store approval process.


    For android apps follow the below link:



    Akash - I haven't gone through your doc, may be most of the content may be same.




  • Hi,


    Here is the doc for the same. Please find enclose with attachment.


    Made from http://developer.apple.com




    Prepare app to submitting app stores.doc

  • Yes i totally agree with Anurag
  • Hey Anand.

    We are just looking forward 2wards your document. I truely believe that guidelines for submitting our application to mobile application stores are also equally important and Mobile QA 'S should concentrate on this area also.




  • Hi ,

    May i know if the guideliness for all mobile platforms is ready? If yes, can you please share with everyone, as most of them in this forum are new to mobile testing, that will be really helpful.



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