• Guys - what type of testing can be done using these automation tools?

    I mean like Functional, Regression, UI types of testing can be done? Any limitations when using these tools?

    Thanks in advance,


  • we are using SeeTest - itis like Sikuli only optimised for mobile with one-click connectvity for iPhone,Android,Blackberry and with built-in stability mecahnism. They have free trial
  • I had done some android application testing with Sikuli and you can find some youtube videos about it. Sikuli is a nice tool but little shabby or unstable for full usage.


  • Thanks Anand Very helpful  !!!
  • Thanks Anand!
  • Hi ,

    Please find attached document on Sikuli IDE. it helps you to understand the concepts. Please try to use google and explore more on Sikuli. Hope it helps.




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