• JIRA Software is one of the products built on the top of the JIRA platform, which helps the software teams in planning, managing and tracking the work while building and releasing a software.

    Software developers, Scrum Masters and project managers most commonly use it for product management. In software testing company, it is used for reporting and tracking bugs and task management.

    Working with JIRA includes many activities like creating a project, setting up the board and adding the components.

    Estimation in JIRA:
    Estimation is an important part, which help the teams in planning and tracking the work.
    The most common approach is to estimate the tasks in story points and for tracking the work, hours are used. JIRA software provides the user the flexibility to set up the estimation and tracking statistics differently.
    For Estimation, user can choose from the following options:

    1.       Story Points- In this number of story points per issue will decide the estimation.
    2.       Original Time Estimates- Estimates can be provided in minutes, hours or even weeks.
    3.       Issue count- Number of issues in the sprint makes up the estimates.

    For time tracking user has the following options available:
    1.     None: This will, by default, use the statistic selected for estimation.
    2. Remaining estimate and time spent – Tracking is done based upon the logged in time and remaining time. For example, if a user started working on any issue the time is logged against that issue which gives any idea on the time spent on resolving that issue.

     For logging time against any issue, JIRA time logging should be enabled by the JIRA admin.

    Estimation enables the product team to plan their task accordingly as it gives an idea about the product delivery date.

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