• Agile is a process of software development, which follows continuous iteration and incremental approach. DevOps is a method, which mainly focuses on more interaction and collaboration between developers and operations team.

    Agile helps in building and testing the product faster by breaking it into smaller pieces and DevOps improves the deployment of product.

    Difference Between Agile and DevOps

    • Agile focus is to develop the product faster whereas DevOps fasten the deployment of products.
    • Agile software development method reduces the gap between the customer and developer/tester. DevOps addresses the gap between the Developer and IT operations team.
    • Agile focuses on iterative and incremental approach and DevOps focuses on communication and integration.
    • In Agile process, software development is the main target area and in DevOps, end-to-end engineering process is managed.
    • Agile team is smaller as compared to DevOps team, which involves all stakeholders.
    • In Agile, quality of developed product is improved by identifying and fixing the issues after every sprint. High quality is achieved in DevOps by automating the unit testing, using the devops testing strategies, during development.
    • Level of automation is high in DevOps however, in Agile process it varies.
    • JIRA and Bugzilla are popular Agile tools. Git, Jenkins, Puppet and Docker are some of the popular DevOps tool.

     Agile and DevOps together help teams to response to customer requirement change fast and deliver the high quality products. The combined approach of Agile and DevOps improves the product stability and value.  

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