You have 1.1 version app already developed and is released in market & you are about to send update(release new version 1.2 )  in Playstore  with some critical functional changes.

What are the ways do you follow to simulate situation like real time App Update that happen in Playstore? How do you test that?

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    You can install market version and then override market build using new version using adb install -r <apk path >command. This command is used to update the build. 

    • but it wont help while tracing down bugs related to db issues,normally  -r command will just reinstall application with all old data backups

      • -r: Reinstall an exisiting app, keeping its data.

        • hi friend

          -r always reinstall application with old backups friend,thats not the point over here friend,my question is how we track down db related changes for e.g let me say my developer has added new schema in my sql lite db for the new ui of the app

          normally -r will just reinstall the application i.e only the front part of the application gets updated..and the database related things wont get triggered right?correct me if i am wrong

          • I think -r is meant for "Recursion". Do you think there is some other way to upgrade the app? Test-flight can help I guess

            • well we are talking about android playstore apps, yup in ios it refers to recursion

          • For that you should check the SQLite database. 

            • Hi daniel 

                well in compiled version of app we cant inspect db right,we need to monitor db invocations within our application buddy,genrally the invocations cant be monitored

  • why dont we release the application as betaand set a stage roll out?

    Set up an open, closed, or internal test - Play Console Help
    Using the Play Console, you can test your app with specific groups or open your test to Google Play users. Before you start Email requirements: Users…
    • Sure you can also release as beta, to a certain amount of people, but still I would recommend to test update from release version to release version.

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