• In quality assurance services, continuous integration (CI) is an integral part of automation testing. There are plenty of benefits of integrating our code with continuous integration:
    1. It reduces integration problems allowing you to deliver software more rapidly.
    2. It catches issues early and nip them in the bud.
    3. They have the ability to create scheduled jobs so that code can be executed at scheduled time.
    4. It has the ability to generate reports and send E-mail notifications allowing all recipients to get updates on the build health. So, everyone can see what’s happening.
    5. Continuous Integration tools are very easy to setup and integrate with new plug-ins which helps in adding some new features to be added to the existing configuration.
    6. Test in a clone of the production environment which makes more reliable results.
    Due to these reasons, Continuous Integration has gained a lot of popularity in software testing services company over the years.

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