• Intercepting filter design pattern is applied wherein you want to do the post-processing or pre-processing with the demand or response of an application. Filters are applied and determined on the request prior to passing the request to the actual targeted application and these filters are capable to authenticate/ authorize/ log or track the requests and then proceeds the request to the corresponding handlers. Most of the software testing outsourcing companies uses this pattern due to its features and advantages.

    Below are the entities of such type of design pattern:
    1. Filter - It performs certain tasks before or after the execution of a request by a request handler.
    2. Filter Chain - It carries numerous filters and helps them to execute in a defined order on target.
    3. Target - Target is the resource that is requested by the client.
    4. Filter Manager - It manages the filter processing that creates the Filterchain with relevant filters in the correct sequence and starts the processing.
    5. Client - It is an object who is responsible to send the request to the targeted object.
    Benefits of intercepting filter design pattern:
    • It improves the re-usability since the repeated code is centralized in the pluggable components which enhances the re-usability.
    • It increases the flexibility since the generic usual components can be requested or separated declaratively which helps in improving flexibility.

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