• There are numerous open-source and paid testing tools available in the market for apps based on iOS platforms. Few are free and few are expensive software. In mobile application testing services, the main purpose of testing tools is to reduce the time required for testing processes and to reduce the chance of errors during test executions. Each iOS testing tool is unique and possesses specific characteristics.
    Below are the details about few famous iOS testing tools used for test execution on iOS PDA like iPhone or iPad devices:

    1. Calabash:
    It consists of libraries, which helps, in interaction of test-code with native and hybrid apps. API are used in calabash that are specialized to native apps running on touch screen devices. It supports cucumber as well, which makes it easier to understand by QA engineers.

    2. Appitm:
    It is open source testing tool and empowers engineers to easily test their apps and analyze their performance in each build . It helps to prevent critical issues form going to production environment. It measure the render times, power consumption, resource utilization, crashes, errors, logs.
    It is compatible with Android and iOS both. It provides an easiness to troubleshoot crashes and logs. This can compare performance of two different builds to find out performance issues and changes. It is integrate with JIRA.

    3. Appium:
    It is open source tool and is used for both the platforms – iOS and Android testing.
    This is a cross-platform framework, which is flexible and help us to write the testing code against multiple platforms such as iOS, and Android using the same API.
    Like Selenium, it offers to write the test script in different programming languages like Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and C#. It is used for different app/web types.
    Basically, Appium is driven from Selenium and it uses JSONWireProtocol to interact with apps using selenium web Driver.

    4. Kobiton:
    It gives an access of testing for multi-touch gesture. Testing based on orientation and GPS simulations and also related to device connection management. It captures all the actions performed during a testing session with activity logs to identify the issue and resolve it. It support for Appium. It simplify the user experience for test sessions.

    It is C Programming language based framework and is purely for iOS testing.
    It is a mobile automation framework, which in integrate with XCTests .This testing tool has a very active community and development support.


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