• Manual Testing will never dead as their are many aspects of testing that can not be automated. For example usability, user experience, performance interpretation and analysts. Even if you consider automation testing, not all part of the app can be automated or moreover may not be feasible to automate.

    Having said that Automation is really making difference. The breed of software testing is also changing and recruiters also want resources to have automation knowledge and some development knowledge as well.



    • yes I also agree, some of tester asking that even companies are not using any tools but asking for expert in automation,

      now a days interview is start with automation question then I asked which tool is using in your company, then he said we are not using any tool but planning to implement, then I asked then how r u asking question about automation. he said I had taken few question from google. I was surprise even he has not yet worked how that person can analyse person.   

      • Dear Sanjay,

        I think the field of QA has suffered due to its image as a space where absolutely anyone can make a career. As technology improves, automation will definitely change a lot of things. Manual testing is what we make of it - if manual testing is clicking of buttons well then it surely is dead but if manual testing is going to be looking at features from the end-users point of view, understanding the technology and technique (not necessarily knowing the language) then it will stay for a long time.

        Sadly, automation too has become synonymous with using a tool. Automation is not necessarily using a tool. One could write a simple shell script and automate a certain part of testing and that requires knowledge of scripting but not necessarily know a tool per se.

        • I really liked what Aishwarya Said. It is not just about automating complete app, but it can be more about making our job easier and saving time.  What I believe is it is all about productivity. If automation is taking more than manual testing then it would not be feasible solution or alternative. 

           Emphasis is just on one things,  in order to make QA more respectable, we would all need to get more in to technology and technical stufff. Automation can be one of the thing but we need to go beyond that.  The new breed of Testers should have knowledge of Automation,Technology and even processes to make the things more productive.

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