• Apache JMeter is a good option for both functional and load testing of SOAP, REST and Java APIs. It provides a variety of Post Processors for correlation purposes andAssertions to assure that actual result matches expectations. For the first two refer to Testing SOAP/REST Web Services Using JMeter guide for detailed instructions on how to set up JMeter. 

    Apache JMeter - Apache JMeter™
  • SOAPUI, JMETER , Fitnesse are some of the widely used tools.

    If you don;t want any of the tools, you can use Browser add-ins as well. Available for both Chrome and Firefox.

  • JMETER is also a great tool to test APIs.

  • API stands for  Application Programming Interface with the help of which one software talks to other software applications. For API testing various tools are available in market like SoapUI pro, Advance rest client etc.

  • Hi Sukesh,

    As Selvaraj said can user Soap UI or Rest Client.Both are good.



  • Hi Sukesh,

    How to perform API testing will take more time to teach.

    You can use Advanced REST client and soapUI.

    REST Client is an google chrome add-on and it will be helpful when you send json input.

    soapUI, you can have trial software and it will be helpful when you send xml input.

    Both are very very useful for Public and Private API testing

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