• In our software testing solutions, a closure is one of the most crucial feature in JavaScript where the inner function can have access to the outer function depending on its scope. In order to use closures, we define a function inside another function and expose it.

    There are mainly 03 types of scope chains in closures that are used in any software testing company:
    1. Local Scope (Own scope): Closures having access to the variables defined between its curly brackets. So, the scope is limited its own scope variables.
    2. Outer Functions Scope: Closures having access to the variables defined in the outer function's variables.
    3. Global Scope: Closures having access to the global variables which are defined anywhere in the entire framework.

    Further, we use closures in following scenarios:
    1. Maintain data encapsulation - where we can create private static variables and which can be accessed only after creating an object for the respective class.
    2. Create iterators - Every call made to the iterator creates a new iterator with a fixed start index. After that, the next value is returned on calling the iterator.

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