• Instructions executed by web browser are called statements.
    Ex: document.getElementById("test") = "Hello There!";

    a) JS statements are composed of Keywords, Operators, Values, Comments.
    b) Semicolon (;) is used to separate statements

    var a, b, c; // Statement 1
    m = 10; // Statement 2
    n = 5; // Statement 3
    p = m + n; // Statement 4

    m = 10; n = 5; p = m + n;

    - In code blocks, statement can be grouped {...}. Code block's purpose is to define the statements that needs to be executed together.


    function myFunction() {
    document.getElementById("test1") = "Hello There!!";
    document.getElementById("test2") = "How are you doing?";

    c) In automation testing services, Statements start with keywords to identify the action to be performed. Below are the few keywords:
    - return: that exits a function
    - var: for variable declaration
    - function: for function declaration
    - continue: starts at top after jumping from loop
    - break: that terminates the loop

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