• JavaScript is known for its loosely typed language, converting one data type to another data type either in an Implicit or Explicit way. Many times various functions automatically convert the values given to them to the right type using Implicit conversion. For example: 'alert()' function automatically converts any value to a string.

    Sometime you may occasionally trigger a type error by providing the wrong data type in the testing scripts so qa testing company can solve by converting one data type to another as per needs through JavasScript's explicit type conversions using the built-in methods such as Number() converts to a Number, String() converts to a String and Boolean() converts to a Boolean.

    Explicit conversion is called when we read a value from a string-based source like a text form but look forward for a number to be entered. JavaScript considers 0 as false and all non-zero numbers as true. And, if true is converted to a number, the result is always 1. In case a string is not a valid number, the result will be NaN.

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