• Dashboards are displayed first when the user login to the JIRA application. Software testing company customizes their JIRA dashboards as per their projects and create different widgets to display the data.
    The JIRA admin users can provide the different accesses as per user roles and create various dashboards respectively.

    Below are the points to be considered while customizing JIRA Dashboards: 

    1. Name the dashboard related to the project.
    2. Have clarity on the requirements and the data your team need to view on the dashboard.
    3. Explore the different available gadgets on the dashboard and use different chart views.
      Add the gadgets to display the below:
    • Work progress
    • Task progress by individual
    • Issues as per priority
    • High risk issues
    • Open Vs Resolved Issues Chart
    • Upcoming projects/ plan
    • Overall Statistics
    1. Add a Roadmap widget to display the upcoming issues/ tickets added to the next release.
    2. Add a widget to showcase the feature-wise/ module-wise/Component-wise workload. This will help in identifying the areas which require more effort and planning.
    3. Add a filter to display the high-risk areas by comparing the tasks with higher “Original Estimate”.
    4. It is always recommended to update the dashboard filters with time to display the relevant data as per requirement.
    5. Always consider the dashboard permissions while customizing the JIRA dashboard gadgets.


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