• Jmeter is an open source software tool widely used for performance testing by qa services. Processor is one of the important and significant elements which are used in Jmeter.

    Processor in Jmeter is used to redesign the Sample requests available. Processor must be included before the execution of test plan starts.
    There are two types of processors in Jmeter:
    1. Pre Processor
    2. Post Processor

    As name implied, Pre processor is supposed to execute any action before the Sample request is made.
    However, Post Processors take the actions once sample request is over.

    How Post Processor works:
    When the execution of any Sampler request is completed, then post processor for the request will be executed, only if it is already added as child of that Sampler request.
    The basic purpose of processor is to respond to the data received from server and separate a required data out if it.

    Below is the element list of Post-Processor:

    1. BeanShell

    2. BSF

    3. CSS/JQuery Extractor

    4. Debug

    5. JDBC

    6. JSON

    7. JSR223
    Below are the common types of Post Processor:
    1. Regular Expression Extractor
    2. Result Status Action Handler
    3. XPath Extractor

    By adding any of above mentioned type of post processor elements, it allow the user to take the specified action in case when user request fails.

    For Example: Result Status Action Handler is widely used Post Processor element.
    It includes proceeding with five actions in it.
    The Possible actions are: Continue, Start Next thread loop, Stop Thread, Stop Test and Stop Test Now.
    In case any sampler request is failed in execution, it will proceed with the selected action added as post processor in test plan.

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