• Whenever you want to capture the attention of your users provide them with a great experience on the webpages by animation using JavaScript.

    JavaScript has greater control over all aspects of how your animation will behave and can be used to move a number of DOM elements by programming gradual changes in an element's style. The timer calls the changes and animation looks continuous when timer interval is small. Software testing services company provide you support with JavaScript animations of various kinds - some hilarious text animation, a content box sliding in upon page load, falling snow effect, or anything you can imagine.

    Simple manual animation can be achieved using DOM object properties and JavaScript functions. DOM objects are fetched and then set their position attributes. After that calling the initialization function at the time of window load and finally calling the JavaScript function to move objects for animation.

    JavaScript provides timing functions to create automated animation such as setTimeout() and setInterval() which sets the interval in which you determine a function to execute, and when/how often you want to execute the animation.

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