• Mocha is one of the best tool used in software testing solutions. It is used for automating framework tool using Javascript language.

    Below are the main benefits of using Mocha as the framework tool:
    - It is very easy to install (using simple command npm install -g mocha)
    - It is a mature tool while allows an easy integration with other third party tools such as using 'Chai' tool, which is an assertion library that helps to implement test suites.
    - It has in-built capability to allow re-execution of failed test cases
    - It generates a default HTML report after the execution of test suites
    - It is a free and very lightweight tool 
    - As Mocha has an active community, we can get easy support through blog posts, videos, libraries

    Due to these reason, Mocha is considered to be widely used in top software testing companies.

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