• Below are the built-in JS methods that software testing company uses in automation:
    1) concat() – Returns newer string after combining two strings
    2) Date() – Returns the present date and time
    3) exec() – Searching for match in string parameter
    4) fontcolor() – Displays the string in specified color
    5) match() – For matching a regular expression against a string
    6) sup() – Displaying a string as a superscript
    7) toSource() – Returning a string containing the source of Boolean object
    8) toUpperCase() – For converting a text to uppercase
    9) valueOf() – Returns the primitive value of defined object
    10) round() – Return the round off value of given number to the nearest integer
    11) slice() – Extracts a certain section from string and returns the remaining one
    12) ilter() – Creates a new array with all the elements of the array for which the filtering function returns true
    13) anchor() – Creates an HTML anchor to be used as a hypertext target

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