• Estimation is the process of submitting the efforts required to complete a defined task.

    It is very important to provide the estimates before the start of project as it determines how much cost or time is involved in the testing of a software.

    Below are the key parameters which should be considered before submitting the testing estimates:

    1.      Scope of testing – Scope of software testing should be clearly understood before providing the estimates.

    2.      Resources availability – Availability of resources such as infrastructure, testing devices and any other related design documents.

    3.      Team Skills – Skills of the testing team and their domain knowledge.

    4.      Complexity of software – Software testing efforts can vary as per its complexity such as banking software can be more complex to test.

    5.      Calculation of potential risks – Potential risks related to system environment, downtime etc. should be considered before estimation.

    6.      Past Experience – If similar software has been tested by the team then it is advisable to collect previous metrics and provide current estimates.

    There are different techniques for effort estimation such as test point estimation, use case point estimation, Delphi method etc. and a software testing company can use any of these techniques to provide the best possible accurate and realistic estimates.

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